Sabrina Lubrano | Senior Dancer

I started dancing at The Ballet Studio when I was five years old and it has always been a place where I can express myself and have fun while learning to dance. The first class I had was with Mrs. Tara on Saturday mornings. I always looked up to the older girls and thinking how badly I wanted to grow up. I also remember being in Cara's hip-hop classes and always having so much fun while learning to dance. I joined the TBS competition team when I was twelve years old and I've made so many great friends and amazing instructors. One of the greatest experiences I'll never forget is nationals in Atlantic City with the competition team. At TBS not only did I learn dance, but I learned life-long qualities like confidence and dedication. I'm looking forward to my senior year at TBS no matter how different it looks compared to the others. I'm so thankful for all of the great experiences I've had at The Ballet Studio and can't wait to make more memories this year!

Bella Storie | Senior Dancer

From a dancing toddler with maracas and hula skirts to an overcommitted teen preparing for my senior dance, my time at The Ballet Studio has been amazing. I remember the pile of children's books under the TV in the waiting room, the painted handprints on the studio walls, and picnic blanket style cupcake parties in the studio on special days after class. I have been so happy to attend The Ballet Studio for the past 14 years. TBS has helped to grow as a dancer and a person. I have met so many amazing people. I started Competition with Miss Sherri when I was 10 and I instantly thrived on the excitement of performing in front of large crowds. I also loved being part of the small groups, duets and solos. One of my favorite memories is the dress rehearsal at the Nursing Home when I portrayed Donna in the Momma Mia Production. In middle school I was at The Ballet Studio 5 nights a week, and the best part was being a teacher assistant with Francesca and helping the little dancers learn confidence. This past year, I have focused more on the combination class, and I am so excited to still have The Ballet Studio in my life. The teachers and dancers are doing such an amazing job trying to overcome these challenging times. As I continue into college, I will take what I learned from TBS and apply it to my everyday life. I am inspired to be a lifelong learner and dancer. I hope to continue dancing in college and look forward to coming back to recitals for years to come.