Francesca Alessi | Senior Dancer

I started dancing when I was 9 years old at The Ballet Studio. My first teacher at The Ballet Studio was Ms. Victoria. I still remember the first dance I did and, I still have the costume. That was one of my favorite costumes and one of my favorite dances. It was Stand By Me from Ben E King, still to this day is one of my favorite songs. Mrs, Victoria told us while we are dancing this dance to think about someone we lost and dance our hearts out. Ever since then every lyrical dance I dance, I think about all the love ones I've lost. My junior year of high school I joined the competition team. We did Mamma Mia one of my favorite movies. Over my years at the studio I met people and became best friends with all of the girls. I love all the girls at The Ballet Studio and all the teachers. I don't know where I would be if I didn't have all these girls and wonderful teachers in my life. It is sad knowing this is my last year dancing with theses amazing dancers, but knowing one day I will be a teacher makes me happy. The Ballet Studio will forever be my favorite place and second home love it and everyone there.

Abigail Holman | Senior Dancer

Since I was 3 years old, dance has always been apart of my life. My first dance teacher encouraged me to come out of my shell and be more outgoing. As I continued to grow in dance going from Ballet to jazz, tap and lyrical, I realized how much I loved to dance. When I was in 8th grade I decided to apply to Allentown High School's dance academy. My audition went well and I was accepted. Taking class at the high school made me want a more suitable dance studio. In 10th grade I moved to TBS where I felt very welcomed and made new friends. When I graduate, I hope to attend a college that has a dance program so I can continue to dance.

Courtney Quinn | Senior Dancer

I started dancing at the ballet studio when I was 5 years old. My first teachers were Miss Alicia and Miss Tara. I still remember that class, and that I was a bit of a talker. One of my favorite dances I did was "be our guest" when I was I think 9 and my teachers were Miss Victoria and Miss Lisa, I still have my costume! Hip hop has always been my favorite dance to do. My first hip hop teacher was Miss Cara and she is one of my favorites as well. We always had such a fun time in her class. Even though Lyrical is not my strongest, my all time favorite dance was "dream on" choreographed by Miss Amanda. It was so beautiful, and she always creates such amazing dances. I love everyone at the ballet studio. I have made so many amazing life long friends and memories I will cherish forever. I am so sad that this is my last year, but The ballet studio is my second family and will always have a special place in my heart. I love you all!

Kaneisha Raymond | Senior Dancer

I started dancing when I was 2 years old and I have been dancing at The Ballet Studio since I was 6 years old. Throughout these past 12 years at The Ballet Studio, I have learned so much and created so many memories that I will forever cherish. When I was 10 years old I joined the competition team where I was apart of the circus production and newsies. It was one of the best times of my life and it was truly something amazing to be apart of. I have encountered so many amazing people and made so many friends as well as had so many amazing teachers during my time at The Ballet Studio. I will never forget coming to dance 4 days a week and looking forward to having two classes a week with Mrs. Victoria who would constantly make me laugh. It was in her class where I first learned to dance with my emotions and that it was so much more than just the moves. Since 8th grade, I have had the pleasure of having Mrs. Amanda as my teacher who choreographs the best dances. I will miss whenever she would show us our hip hop choreography and all of us would stare in shock thinking there was no way we could get it. I will never forget Mrs. Lisa's motivational speeches and her always encouraging us to help others and be better. The Ballet Studio has given me so much from friends to role models and amazing teachers. After I graduate from Northern Burlington County Regional High School, I plan to run track at a division 1 university while studying to become a pediatric oncologist. It is bittersweet that this will be my last year and I will miss everyone, but I will come back to visit whenever I can. I have so much love for everyone I've met through dance and all I can say is thank you to all the amazing staff, dancers and my family.